We regret to inform you that we are going to cancel the event and refund everyone’s tickets due not receiving our liquor license from Tucson.


We followed procedure and mailed our application to the city in August, and it was marked signed and delivered by USPS.


However, after following up with the city to check status of our application… we were told they could not find it.


Even with evidence of delivery, they would not make any exception to resolve the situation.


This was unfortunate, but we have tried to work with them to resolve this issue for several weeks now to no avail.


We clearly cannot host a Tots and Beer event without “beer”, so we are forced to cancel the event and refund all tickets.


Refunds will be completed on our end over the next few days and should appear on your credit cards within 5-7 business days following the event date.


We truly apologize for this issue and hope that one day, we can try working with Tucson again to come back with a future event.